Located in Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia, Epsilon Patent Searching, Inc. specializes in providing high-quality research to patent attorneys in the United States and abroad. Founded in 1997 by a former patent examiner, Epsilon is a boutique research firm with one of the best reputations in the industry. We are a trusted partner to prosecution-focused firms, litigation powerhouses, Fortune 500 companies, and solo practitioners. Epsilon offers expert patentability, invalidity, freedom-to-operate, and landscape searches tailored to our clients’ needs and budgets. Our experience, combined with our unparalleled location, eye for detail, and commitment to remaining accessible to clients, has fueled two decades of sustained growth and repeat referrals.


Patent research is an art as well as a science and requires a constant stream of judgment calls by the researcher. Epsilon’s staff is rigorously trained and can be trusted to make competent decisions at critical junctures in the search process. Our researchers routinely deploy an effective combination of manual (using both USPC and CPC schedules), keyword, and assignee searching. We are well-versed in using Boolean logic to locate and extract the most pertinent references and have vast experience with IEEE, Google Scholar, PubMed, and dozens of other on-line literature databases. In addition to relying on the USPTO’s EAST system, we have various proprietary patent research tools at our disposal, including LexisNexis TotalPatent One.

Confidentiality and Security Measures

Epsilon takes confidentiality seriously, and the security of your client’s intellectual property is of utmost importance to us. We never off-shore our research. Our entire team lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area. We employ the strictest security protocols when working both online and at the USPTO Public Search Facility. This means that your disclosures and correspondence will not be compromised or fall afoul of technology export restrictions.

Range and Depth of Experience

Epsilon’s experience spans an incredibly wide range of technical arts. Our researchers average more than seventeen years of experience each and possess diverse engineering and physics backgrounds. They are well versed in patent law, with a majority registered as patent agents with the USPTO. Here is a small sample of technologies in which we are proficient:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Cellular Networks
  • Clean Energy
  • Construction Equipment
  • Designs
  • Diabetes Management
  • Electrical Connectors
  • FinTech and Business Methods
  • Gas Turbines
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Packaging and Containers
  • Petroleum Exploration
  • Power Systems
  • Power Tools
  • Prosthetics
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductors
  • Social Media
  • Spinal Implants
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Welding Equipment

We enjoy the challenge of leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to meet your unique project needs. Call us today to discuss our industry-leading capabilities.