We work closely with clients to tailor the parameters and goals of each patent and literature search to meet their unique needs. Our most commonly performed searches include:


Our quickest and most affordable product, a patentability or novelty search can help you draft claims of appropriate breadth, provide background in a specification, and aid in making a filing decision. We will provide you with a report thoroughly documenting our search strategy and listing annotations that point you to the most relevant sections of each cited reference.


When conducting this most difficult type of search, you can count on the integrity and experience of Epsilon’s researchers to provide you with results you can trust. We’ll review the independent claims of any potentially relevant and in-force patent, looking for any directly on-point, powerfully broad, or near-hit ambiguous limitations that warrant your further review. We will target result set size in consideration of your bandwidth for analysis, but will never exclude references that you must see.


When you need to identify potential roadblocks and minefields that lay ahead during a product development phase, commissioning a landscape or state-of-the art search is a wise course of action. Our reports will help you quickly identify powerful claims that should be avoided, saving your client precious time and money on R&D. Landscape/state-of-the-art searches are often considered to be preliminary infringement or clearance searches, with the understanding that further searching might be necessary as product development progresses.


Whether you are trying to knock out a competitor’s portfolio or increase confidence in your own, Epsilon can conduct an exhaustive worldwide review of both patent and non-patent literature. Over the years, we have assisted many clients during litigation and with matters before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Our results have saved companies millions of dollars by avoiding costly and/or unnecessary licensing deals. Countless litigators have relied on our expedited searching services to quickly provide powerful 102- and 103-type references during the heat of battle.

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